Do you have a hunch as to why your vulvodynia symptoms began?

Autoimmune disease and repeated yeast infections.

How were you diagnosed with vulvodynia?

OBGYN and multiple doctors before being diagnosed.

Do you have any additional illnesses or symptoms that you think are related to your vulvodynia?

Autoimmune disease: DIV (desquamative inflammatory vaginitis)

What activities, do you find, are helping you heal?

Using dilators. Breathing exercises.

Who are you seeing that is helping you heal?

I used to see a PT and a sex therapist. Now I’m better, so I don’t anymore.

How are your relationships impacted by your condition?

One boyfriend left me because of that. My current husband is really kind but sometimes, it’s hard anyways.

Is there any message you would like to share with others with vulvodynia?

It can improve. It can get better. And it’s not in your head.


I was having sex without pain for a couple of years when I started to feel pain. Thought it was an infection, but it never seemed to go away. I saw 3 doctors before I received a diagnosis of vestibulodynia. I did PT with a dilator and saw a sex therapist. At some point, it was better, but not painless. I couldn’t see any improvements anymore. My (now ex-)boyfriend dumped me.

I started being more confident and I decided to have one night stands to try different things. I met a guy who had a really small penis (I know – it’s silly) and I could have sex with him without too much pain. Eventually, I didn’t have pain anymore because I was more confident, less stressed and less contracted (or at least, that’s my understanding of it). I was still seeing different people.

I met my current husband. We had pain free sex for a couple of months, then I started to feel pain again. It was WORSE than EVER BEFORE! After 3 months of not being able to walk or wear clothes, and multiple tests, I was diagnosed with DIV. Now, a year and a half after, I’m still trying to get back to painless sex.


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