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Hello and welcome everybody.

Me + My V has been created to be a central resource with desperately needed diverse knowledge, support, and love – to raise awareness and provide solutions for all humans suffering from vulvodynia (and other vulvovaginal or pelvic floor conditions).

And, in order to build this amazing V Community, we need your help!

There are several ways you can support us.

V Warriors, Family & Friends

Health Practitioners

Product Vendors, Producers


Product Vendors, Producers


V Warriors, Family & Friends

#1. Share Your Story with Us and Others

Have you ever felt alone on your little, deserted island called chronic vulvar pain? Wondering if there is anyone out there who feels what you feel and understands you?

Well, wonder no more. You are not alone, and there are thousands if not millions of us out there. We just need to find each other.

But it’s not so easy.

That’s why, we would love to invite you to be a part of a thrilling venture, the global vulvodynia anthology – HUMANS OF VULVODYNIA.

By sharing your story (whether you are a sufferer who is healed or not, or if you are a friend or a family member of a person who is suffering) you will:

  • Help other sufferers through their toughest times
  • Help to raise awareness of vulvodynia

Please feel invited to share your journey with us and fill out the Humans of Vulvodynia survey.

Also, feel free to share it with whomever you think might want to contribute and help.

#2. Write an Article

You may probably already know, from your personal experience, how hard it is to find relevant information through the scattered and limited resources that exist about vulvodynia (and other vulvovaginal or pelvic floor conditions).

That’s why we desperately need one central resource that provides curated and free information!

Please feel invited to share all of your experience with us and others.

We are looking for information about effective solutions and remedies. Useful pieces of advice and personal insights. Anything that can shed some light on vulvodynia and its treatments.

Please check our list of wanted articles – for topic inspiration and writing insights. You can also contact us with your unique idea for an article at

#3. Put Us in Contact with Health Professionals

It can be a nightmare looking for good and knowledgeable health professionals who know how to treat vulvodynia. That is why once found, he or she should be kept as a treasure.

Please, share with us via this form, contact information for competent health professionals, no matter which background they are coming from – as long as they can help.

Feel free to share information about OBGYNs, family doctors and also naturopaths, acupuncturists or pelvic floor therapists, etc.

For more ideas about which health practitioners we might be looking for, check out this list.

#4. Connect with Us on Social Media and Share Our Content

In order to grow this phenomenal and strong V Community, please connect with us on social media and share our content with anyone who might benefit from it.

Thank you so much for your love and support!

Health Practitioners

#1. Share with Us Your Contact Details

If you are a health practitioner who knows how to deal with vulvodynia (and other vulvovaginal or pelvic floor conditions) and you would like to be a part of the V Community, then welcome aboard!

Please, share your contact information with us via this form, no matter which background or specialization you are coming from – as long as you can and know how to help.

If you are still unsure whether your background or specialization could be useful for us, please find below a non-exhaustive list of health practitioners that we are looking to cooperate with:

  1. OBGYN
  2. Family Doctor
  3. Pelvic Floor Therapist
  4. Naturopath
  5. Nutritionist
  6. Homeopath
  7. Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner
  8. Biofeedback Practitioner
  9. Chinese Medicine Doctor
  10. Massage Therapist
  11. Osteopath
  12. Acupuncturist
  13. Counseling/Psychotherapy Specialist
  14. Psychologist
  15. Yoga Instructor
  16. Personal/Life Coach
  17. Herbalist
  18. Aromatherapy Practitioner
  19. Chiropractor
  20. Acupressurist
  21. Feng Shui Consultant
  22. Qi Gong Practitioner
  23. Hypnotherapist
  24. Iridologist
  25. Physiotherapist
  26. Reflexologist

2#. Join Us for Q&A Sessions, Interviews or Write for Us

People who suffer from vulvodynia (and other vulvovaginal or pelvic floor conditions) urgently need your help!

Please feel encouraged to contribute to the growing V Community in any form such as:

  1. Joining us for Q&A sessions, interviews, and talks
  2. Sharing with us your expertise and knowledge
  3. Sharing with us information about your approach, offering, and treatments

If you are interested in short or long-term collaboration, please contact us at

Product Vendors, Producers

#1. Share with Us Your Products

Do you manufacture a product that the V Community should know about? Do you distribute any goods that might help people that are suffering from vulvodynia (and other vulvovaginal or pelvic floor conditions)?

  1. We are looking for products that might help to combat, manage or ease the pain or the side effects of the above-mentioned conditions, such as (please find below our non-exhaustive list):
  • Organic/natural/non-toxic cosmetic products and toiletries
    • E.g., intimate hygiene soaps, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, pantyliners, menstrual cups
  • Other types of products
    • E.g., clothing, underwear, dilators, sex toys, sitting cushion

2. We are primarily looking for products that are:

  • Sustainable
  • Natural/Organic
  • Vegan
  • Toxin and chemical free
  • Not tested on animals

Please contact us about your products at


1#. Share Information About Us

Do you work for the media? Do you like what we do?

Be part of this life-changing movement. We need your explosive blend of passion and skills to raise awareness about vulvodynia and to encourage dialog about female sexuality.

Help us spread the knowledge about Me + My V and the work that we do – please contact us at

Thank you so much for your love and support!

The Me + My V Team