How old were you when your symptoms first started?


Do you have a hunch as to why your vulvodynia symptoms began?

Unsure but seemed to begin after being on continuous birth control and also having a possible yeast infection at the time.

How were you diagnosed with vulvodynia?

OBGYN and self-diagnosis. I’m not sure of my diagnosis.

Do you have any additional illnesses or symptoms that you think are related to your vulvodynia?

Hormonal problems, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and vaginismus.

What activities, do you find, are helping you heal?

Nothing that I’ve found so far.

Who are you seeing that is helping you heal?

Pelvic and genital pain specialist and pelvic floor PT.

How are your relationships impacted by your condition?

It’s definitely a struggle being in a relationship and not being able to engage in sexual activities.

Is there any message you would like to share with others with vulvodynia?

Be strong, don’t give up, and share your story! Your story could be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison.


I am a long term chronic pelvic pain sufferer with pelvic floor dysfunction and vaginismus. I’ve never had sex and never even inserted a tampon due to pain. I began having vaginal redness, irritation, burning (internal and external), and dryness at 23 after being on continuous birth control and having a suspected yeast infection. Primary OBGYN believes it was vaginal atrophy from birth control after numerous times of being over treated for infections that didn’t exist from other doctors. No treatments helped including estrogen cream.

I began seeing a pelvic and genital pain specialist who believes I have nerve pain causing a lot of my issues. I also see a pelvic floor PT.

I’ve never had sex and never even inserted a tampon due to pain.

I still haven’t found something that helps and my skin all around my labia and vestibule are bright red and irritated. I also have provoked VVS. I am beginning to think I have a skin issue as well but still on my way to finding the right diagnosis and treatments!


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