How old were you when your symptoms first started?


Do you have a hunch as to why your vulvodynia symptoms began?

No. Could be stress, or a fall.

How were you diagnosed with vulvodynia?


What activities, do you find, are helping you heal?


Who are you seeing that is helping you heal?

Nobody. I have seen everyone possible in London and here in Suffolk.

How are your relationships impacted by your condition?

My husband and I have a very strong marriage of 44 years. No intercourse in the last 12 years- too painful.


I felt burning, so I went to see nurse. I was given cream and told I would feel better in few days. It got worse. I went to see a doctor and again was given cream. This time was told it was thrush. I did not get better, so I went to a women’s clinic, AE, and was given loads of creams again. At this stage it felt like acid had been poured over me.

I went back to my GP and was told I had nothing to worry about. I told them I really needed to see a gyno, and was told was my case wasn’t urgent enough to see one. Then I was then given more creams. At this stage things were so bad. The pain was unbearable and there was no one out there to help me. This went on for 7 weeks. I then decided to go to Harley street where I saw Wendy Reed, and was told I had second degree burns from all the different creams I’d been given, and was told I had vulvodynia.

The pain was unbearable and there was no one out there to help me.

Since then I have been to every hospital, & tried every treatment possible. I’m now used to living with it, since I have no choice.


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