How old were you when your symptoms first started?


Do you have a hunch as to why your vulvodynia symptoms began?

Yes, I had a bad case of thrush.

How were you diagnosed with vulvodynia?

Self-Diagnosis and OBGYN

Do you have any additional illnesses or symptoms that you think are related to your vulvodynia?

Hormonal problems and IBS

What activities, do you find, are helping you heal?

None. I tried yoga, but I was in too much pain.

Who are you seeing that is helping you heal?

None. I was seeing a consultant dermatologist and a pain management specialist, but they have admitted they can’t help me.

How are your relationships impacted by your condition?

I can only have sex a couple of times a month depending on how bad I am, but my partner is overall supportive. However, I think he gets embarrassed by my condition and hasn’t told his family.

Is there any message you would like to share with others with vulvodynia?

Keep going and never give up. Something will help us all and with each other we can do this!


After thrush I had my diagnosis and to cut a long story short I took Amitriptyline and it cured me for 6 years. Then in October 2017 it came back with a vengeance but no one can tell me why as I have had no infections or thrush. My GP thinks it’s because I am perimenopausal, so this is now the option I am exploring. I have no definitive diagnosis yet. I took Gabapentin for 18 weeks but it did nothing, so I am now taking Duloxetine which has helped only marginally. I am still in pain all the time and am only pain free when sitting and sleeping. Walking is very painful.


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