About Me + My V

If you have ever crossed paths with vulvodynia or any other pelvic floor conditions then you know how complex, exhausting and debilitating chronic pain is.

You also know how hard it is to find useful and relevant information through scattered and limited offline and online resources. There isn’t one central place that provides curated, diversified and free information.

And it’s time to change this.

Welcome to Me + My V

Me + My V is a central resource with desperately needed diverse knowledge, support, and love – to raise awareness and provide solutions for all humans suffering from vulvodynia (and other vulvovaginal or pelvic floor conditions).

You aren't alone. There is hope. You're in the right place.

#1. Get Access to Info on How to Beat Vulvodynia

There still isn’t enough practical information about the available treatments for vulvodynia.

Not every vulvar pain is equal. Vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain) like a chronic headache can have a multitude of different causes.

Because of that, you need access to different solutions so you can beat the culprit and regain your life back.

Me + My V has been created to gather all possible online and offline information from:


People who went through the pain

Multidisciplinary health professionals

In-depth research and analysis

Thanks to Me + My V, you can get easy to comprehensive resources about diverse and multidisciplinary treatments and solutions. They range from medical to complementary and alternative remedies for your body and mind that will help you to beat vulvodynia (and in the future also other vulvovaginal and pelvic floor conditions).

#2. Join the V Community

Yes, you might feel lonely and abandoned. You might find it challenging to share with others what you are going through.

Be part of the Me + My V community that understands. This is the place where people talk, share advice and help, support each other, guide, don’t judge, believe. You aren’t alone on a deserted island; there are thousands if not millions of us out there.

#3. Help to Spread Awareness About Vulvodynia

Women’s sexuality and female sexual organs are still taboo in 2019. It’s finally time to speak up and overcome the shame associated with female sexuality and intimate health.

Be part of the change. Living with invisible chronic vulvar pain is not less real or respectful than living with invisible chronic headaches. They are both serious health problems and they must be treated accordingly with appropriate respect.

Lots of love from The Me + My V Team ❤