About Me + My V

Me + My V was created with one lofty objective in mind: to provide V warriors with a central resource of information, for everything related to vulvodynia.

Who Is Me + My V For?

This website is for V warriors and also for anyone who suffers from any type of vulvar pain.

You might benefit from this website if:

  • Were diagnosed with vulvodynia
  • Haven’t been officially diagnosed but suspect that you might have vulvodynia
  • Haven’t been officially diagnosed, don’t suspect that you suffer from vulvodynia, but suffer from vulvar pain (and might not know why)

Let me explain why.

Vulvodynia is a complex and poorly understood condition and vulvodynia diagnosis can also be a time consuming and messy process.

Many V warriors are prematurely diagnosed with vulvodynia or not diagnosed at all. They might also be diagnosed with vulvodynia for some time, before doctors discover the possible cause of their pain and label their condition vulvar pain instead (caused by whatever was found). They can also have vulvodynia along with vulvar pain.

So as long as you suffer from vulvar pain or vulvodynia, and don’t know the possible cause behind your pain, this website is for you.

Why Was Me + My V Created?

If you’ve ever tried looking for vulvodynia information, whether online or offline, you know how hard it is to find useful, relevant resources.

There are several major issues with the resources currently out there:

  1. Low Quality – resources are often not detailed enough, not practical, and most are copycats of each other
  2. Scattered – there are random articles all over the place and you won’t find any major resources
  3. Little – compared to other conditions, you really won’t find much online
  4. Non-accessible – you may find hard-to-understand research papers with medical jargon (that are targeted to other researchers), many of which are behind paywalls

What Is Me + My V?

I have created Me + My V to be a central resource for high quality, practical and diverse information, to help shorten your journey with vulvodynia or vulvar pain.

You’ll find a wide range of information on possible causes and solutions, that addresses your body but also your mind, and that come from diverse approaches — medical, complementary, and alternative.

Vulvodynia is a complex condition where there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all cases. There’s so many factors that can play a role in this condition, that to extract a single set and apply it to all different V warriors is practically impossible. It almost feels like the only common denominator is that there’s pain in the vulva.

As there are plenty of possible causes of vulvodynia, there are plenty of remedies. Which solution or mixture of solutions will work best for you is an individual matter.

Throughout the website, you’ll find some information familiar while others will be brand new to you. You’ll find the information descriptive not prescriptive. I can’t guarantee what will work best for you but I’m here to give you unbiased, uncensored information.
My goal is to expose you to as much information as possible, including everything that’s worked for me and other V warriors, so you can be equipped to make the best decisions for yourself (in consultation with your doctors, etc.).

A Little About Me:

My name is Aga (short for Agnieszka). On this website, I’m sharing everything I’ve seen, heard and gathered over the 16 years that I suffered from vulvodynia and the 4 years since I’ve healed. During this time, I was repeatedly forced to use my research and analytical skills to connect the dots as my doctors were clueless. I know that a lot of my fellow V warriors are doing the same — because the solutions are simply just not out there yet.

Let’s Connect

If you have any questions, comments, or if you’d like to just say hi, please feel free to contact me via the Contact Form or email at hello@meandmyv.com. You can also connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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