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The Opening to Your Vagina (Vulva) Burns

Because of the agonizing burning vulvar pain, you’re losing your professional, social, personal and intimate life.

You Can’t Have Sex

Because of the pain, your sexual life is buried. You can’t share pleasure nor joy with your partner, and you don’t know if you ever will.

You Can’t Sit, Walk or Wear Jeans

The pain controls your life. It dictates if you are able to go to work, exercise, sleep or even meet with friends.

You’re Looking for Vulvodynia Treatment

You are looking for answers, as you’ve tried countless solutions, but nothing gives you long-lasting relief.

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So What Exactly

Is Vulvodynia?

Vulvodynia is a chronic pain in the vaginal opening – the vulva – with no known cause and with the absence of any visible abnormalities.


of women get affected by this condition


visit three or more doctors to finally get properly diagnosed


have no chances to obtain proper diagnosis of their pain
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How Can Me + My V Help You?

This is a central resource full of knowledge, support, and love for you – a beautiful woman who suffers from vulvodynia.

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Get Access to Info on How to Beat Vulvodynia

Me + My V is the comprehensive resource about diverse solutions (ranging from medical to alternative remedies) for vulvodynia, and other vulvovaginal and pelvic floor conditions.

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Join the V Community

Me + My V is the place where people understand, talk, share advice and help, support each other, guide, don’t judge, believe. You aren’t alone. There are thousands if not millions of us out there.

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Spread Awareness About Vulvodynia

Women’s sexuality and the well-being of women’s sexual organs are still taboo in 2019. Living with chronic vulvar pain is not less real or respectful than living with chronic headaches.

Hi, my name is Aga

My journey with Vulvodynia started when I was 17. I took me 13 years to get a proper diagnosis and then another 4 to heal. For all those years, I felt like I was never supported by anyone. Now being fully healed, I want to make sure that you don’t feel alone and clueless. Like I did before.

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